What is Green Count?

It is said that any work done must be measurable in order to assure success. Therefore in order to measure our success in our stated goal of reducing the demand of paper production and hence reducing the need for cutting trees we have devised a measuring scale called Green Count (GC).

Green Count measures our success in reducing the demand of new books through our scheme of 2nd hand book / used book sales and renting of books. It also takes into account the amount of paper that we save by avoiding the packaging process.

1 Green Count is credited if 40gm of paper is made reusable due to sale of 2nd hand books /used books or renting of books as well as by eliminating the packaging process.

Since per capita per year usage of paper in India is 10kg, therefore if we earn 250 GC it means we have catered the paper need of one person per year by promoting book reusability practices. This means every 250 GC earned by us reduces demand for paper production in our economy by 10kgs.