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Filed by : Mini Santosh Kumar

Great Initiative. The condition of the book was perfect and reasonable price. I received the book before the delivery date and time. Dedicated service. Congratulations Padhega India.
Mini Santosh Kumar
Filed by : AJAY KUMAR . G

Today I read an article about " padhega India " in "Eenadu" and I would like to share with you the Telugu article . Title of article is " Rare Books for Rent..! ".
Filed by : Sugandh Sinha

very good initiative. you can buy books which are in very good condition at half the rate. service is unbelievable. i am overall very happy.
Sugandh Sinha
Filed by : Yogita Gandhi

You can't buy happiness but u can buy books.And that's kind of same thing'. This is the path on which this organization is working. I feel proud of being a customer of padhega India. Be it there service or books they are best in everything. They have truly made my life easier by making avavailable all the books that I need. Best thing about them is that they will never disappoint anyone. Guys u are doing a great job for the society and the environment and for the booklovers of course. Keep it up. Thanku padhega India. 👍
Yogita Gandhi
Sri Venkateswara college- Delhi university!
Filed by : Ankita Gupta

What to write about them. To make it more simple , they do what everyone of us really want. They make us happy by giving us books. It is so easy because of them only to get any book on rent and you can still feel the urge to get more books at once , to buy more book at once. You can fulfil your dream , they are there to help us grow. Follow them , rent a book , sell them your books. Those books will reach to people and someone out there will thank you for it. Like i do. Thank you padhega india.
Ankita Gupta
Filed by : Ashish Kumar

It is an excellent initiative in the service of students. Many a times some books which aren't used by one can become highly useful to others. Some times old books can also serve the purpose instead of new ones. I wish this initiative could come up some years before like in 2009 or 2010 when I was in my college.
Ashish Kumar
Filed by : Pallab kundu

It is by far the best renting and buying platform for books. All you need to do is call them and you get the cheapest rate available in the market. If you're not happy with only this,then you have free delivery for even the least priced book. I don't think any online store matches it's standard,quality and service. Thank you PADHEGA INDIA. Have been immensely helped by you.
Pallab kundu
Filed by : Aadit Sharma

Great for all college students, I recommend highly to all my friends.. Highly helpful and the books are always always in good condition! Padhega India is doing a great great job out there! Cool!
Aadit Sharma
College - Ansal university
Filed by : Rishika Jha

Its a great renting of books scheme that PII has come up with.Specially for college students like us who are required to buy new books every semester.With Padhega India, I got all books for the semester at half the price..
Rishika Jha
Filed by : Anshul Upadhyay

Buying book (old text book) from Padhega India was a nice experience. I had ordered 3 books, and all 3 were delivered to me within 2 days and I got a good discount too.
Anshul Upadhyay
Filed by : Nikhil Kandoi

I bought few books from Padhega India and was very impressed with the service and the range of the books Padhega India has... Truly Professional and Worth it!!
Nikhil Kandoi

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