Renting a Smart Option

As 'cost of education' continues to rise being pragmatic at spending money on education has become a necessity. Students buy books regularly during their academic course. We at Padhega India initiative (PII) provide people an opportunity to save money by giving them an option to get books on rent. As the cost at which we rent books is upto 55% of the original price of the books, a student can save upto 55% of the expenses on books during the course.

Not all books are required for a lifelong purpose; most books are required for a year, semester or even less. Therefore buying a book which you know will be of no use for you, say, after a year is not a wise thing to do.

How do you rent books?
At Padhega India one can rent books in hassle free manner.

  1.  A customer can enquire about the availability and cost of a book by filling an online enquiry form. For this, simply click the ‘Enquire About Book’ link.
  2. A customer can also enquire about the availability and cost of a book by sending a SMS. For this option, simply send a SMS RENT <Book Name> <Author Name> to +91-9873166694. For  e.g. RENT Engineering Thermodynamics P K Nag
  3. On receiving the request we revert with the availibility and price of the book along with a unique reference Id.
  4. To get the enquired book on rent, Customer is required to fill the online order booking  form. For this, simply click the ‘Click here to Order Book’ link.
  5. Customer is required to mention the unique reference Id, sent by us.
  6. Fill the simple form, and your order is confirmed.

Note :

  1. You pay only after you evaluate the book physically at your door step.
  2. Mode of payment is cash. We don’t accept Cheque, DD or any other form of payment.
  3. Books will be delivered at your door step, free of cost.

How we work?

4 Simple Reasons why you should opt for our renting plan:

  • Many books have a single time usage for a limited period. It makes more sense to get such books on rent and save money.  
  • After the usage of book is over it is often stacked at some inaccessible corner where it eats dust. Even by selling the used books to second hand book vendor one gets back at maximum 30% of the cost one invests in buying a book..  
  • You'd prefer to return your textbooks using your provider's shipping label (Reference Id, in our case)  rather than deal with 2nd hand book vendors.
  • You make a significant contribution towards the mother earth & environment through the Padhega India Initiative of promoting green education, i.e. reusability of the used books.

Rent your book and save upto 55% of the Price

Rental Plans
  • To rent books you pay: (refundable deposit - non - interest bearing)
  • Refundable Deposit
  • Delivery/ Shipping
  • Condition of the Book
  • Registration Fee
  • Return
3 Months
  • Price Of the Book
  • 55% of the Price will be given back
  • Free home delivery at your doorstep
  • New or As Good As New
  • No
  • Free return shipping
6 Months
  • Price of the book
  • 45% of the Price will be given back
  • Free home delivery at your doorstep
  • New or As Good As New
  • No
  • Free return shipping
12 Months
  • Price of the book
  • 40% of the Price will be given back
  • Free home delivery at your doorstep
  • New or As Good As New
  • No
  • Free return shipping

Books Not Returned By Due Date

Your rental begins on the date your book is delivered, based on your Reference ID , and must be returned by the last day of your rental period. Otherwise, we assume you are extending your rental.

If your book is not returned by the end of your initial rental period, and you have not otherwise extended your rental period, you will automatically be charged for a second extension.

Purchasing Your Rental

You have the option of buying out your rental. If you want to buy out your rental, you will be charged the purchase (new) price of the book minus what you've already paid to rent the book, including any rental extensions.

Books Not received

If your book is not delivered to you in a timely manner or you receive a book you did not order, you must inform us within three (3) business days of your order's delivery estimate/date. If you do not notify us within this time frame, we will be unable to send a timely replacement or make a claim with the distributor and or/carrier for a lost or incorrect order. Any shipment that you fail to report as undelivered or incorrect within three (3) business days of the estimated delivery date shall be conclusively deemed to have been correct and properly delivered. Accordingly, you will be fully liable for the order.

Return Policy

Because Padhega India are engineered to process and ship orders as quickly as possible, the orders cannot be canceled once placed. Books purchased through the Padhega India are sold strictly on an "as-is" basis and are not subject to return or refund.


Padhega India will email you reminders for your rented textbooks to the email address provided at the time of rental .

Points to note

  • Save upto 55% :- Renting books from us saves student/reader upto 55 % of the cost of book.
  • No membership fee/No subscription fees /No registration charges.
  • Do not get too cozy with the books and unintentionally cause any damage to them. You might have to pay for the books in that case. For more details see our 'damage policy'.
  • Make sure that you order for a pickup only after you have finished reading the book.
  • Make sure that either you or anybody on your behalf is available at your delivery address to evaluate, receive and return the books.