Buy New Books

Since the time we have started our operations, with every passing day, we've come to this conclusion, that there are number of books which are not available in used conditions. Reason for this could be various. To overcome this shortcoming, we've now decided to get into new books too. And, as always, this comes with Padhega India advantage, i.e. best prices, maximum discount on all books, and much improved delivery services (Please check our new shipping plans)*.

Padhega India, since the day we formulated this idea, have always endeavored in making knowledge accessible and affordable for the maximum. We've never wavered away from our mission, and vision. Every day, we focus on delivering student/readers best prices, the flexible options, and the best service on earth and that is the only reason we have adhered to an old but very effective inquiry based approach web-portal.

With all your suggestions, advices, and recommendations; we have taken upon ourselves to enter this new endeavor. Now you can buy new books from your favorite portal. And the best part, the process remains the same, i.e. inquiry based web-portal. So, Padhega India is now your 'all books at one place' store. Now with this new addition, we have the most reliable supply network of new books, used books and books on rent. There's something for everyone at Padhega India, and it won't cost the earth for we love books and the earth equally!