Buy Used Books

Why opt for used books/ second hand books?

Not all books are required for a lifelong purpose; most of them are required for a year or even less. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to purchase all books first hand. We, at PII facilitate the process of buying used books in good condition and at affordable prices in a hassle free manner.

How do you buy used books?
At Padhega India one can buy used books in hassle free manner.

  1. A customer can enquire about the availability and cost of a book by filling an online enquiry form. For this, simply click the ‘Enquire About Book’ link.
  2. A customer can also enquire about the availability and cost of a book by sending a SMS. For this option, simply send a WHATSAPP BUY <Book Name> <Author Name> to +91-9873166694. For  e.g. BUY Engineering Thermodynamics P K Nag
  3. On receiving the request we revert with the availibility and price of the book along with a unique reference Id.
  4. To order the enquired book, Customer is required to fill the online order booking form. For this, simply click the ‘Click here to Order Book’ link.
  5. Customer is required to mention the unique reference Id, sent by us.
  6. Fill the simple form, and your order is confirmed.

Note :

  1. You pay only after you evaluate the book physically at your door step.
  2. Mode of payment is cash. We don’t accept Cheque, DD or any other form of payment.
  3. Books will be delivered at your door step, free of cost.