Who are we?

Padhega India Initiative (PII) is a venture with a built-in social initiative. We are into making knowledge accessible and affordable for the maximum. We have the most reliable supply network of second hand books/books on rent. There's something for everyone at PII, and it won't cost the earth for we love books and the earth equally!

What we do?

Not all books are required for a lifelong purpose; most of them are required for a year or even less. Hence, many people prefer second hand books/books on rent which prove cost effective. At PII, we don't assume that books should be read just once, or have a single reader. Literature should be continually recycled and knowledge should be accessible, which is why we help thousands of used books find new homes. However it's a common experience that these books are hard to find, many a times they are not in a good condition and above all such book vendors are located at far flung areas of the city.

With PII there are no such hang-ups! We are easily approachable - through phone (+91-9873166694) or online (www.padhegaindia.in). We claim to make any book available, whichever you demand! Gently-used books are offered by independent and smaller booksellers at a very low price. These vendors would be in agreement with PII to follow rules set by us to make the buying process easier for you. Above all, we also give books on rent at attractive prices. So, if you require a second hand book / book on rent within fixed time without any unnecessary hassle of time or money, you know who to call!

Why this initiative?

Padhega India Initiative (PII) is conceived to bring awareness among people about the importance of economy in paper consumption and to provide new homes for used books. Once you read your new books, some sit in storage, and others are given away. But some are simply thrown out. Tossed. Abandoned to the landfills for eternity.

Every year thousands of libraries had millions of excess books as they made room for new editions. India consumes around 10kgs of paper per person per year; this is bound to increase with increase in literacy rate. 30% of our paper produced is still by using woods as raw material (40% from agro-residues and 30% from recycled papers). This means that around 68 crores of trees are cut every year for paper production. This is catastrophic for our forest cover! This can be judged from a report in Times of India that in some states 'Bamboo is no longer used to produce paper because it has already been plundered. Eucalyptus trees are used now'.

Mission Statement

To establish the largest network of second hand book readers and buyers, enabling recycling of paper and popularising e-documents based on a 3-P goal- people, planet and profit for all.

Vision Statement

To contribute to the environment through a sustainable business strategy and to make knowledge accessible for those who seek it.